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The easiest way to cut costs is to improve efficiency. Caljan’s Unloading Conveyors are the effective way to optimize handling of loose-loaded cargo. Instead of your team taking up to 4 hours to unload a container, one operator can do the job in just two hours. Productivity is increased two-fold.

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Speed up turn-around time at your loading dock with an unloading conveyor

Unloading loose-loaded goods from containers it not just a slow and tiring process – it’s expensive.

Using an unloading conveyor to empty the container cuts unloading time in half which doubles capacity at the door. Additionally turn-around times are reduced, making your unloading process more effective. Utilizing an unloading conveyor improves the working environment for your employees too, so they are able to work effectively throughout their shift. Muscular strains and overwork are significantly reduced, so you save on the cost of sick leave, hiring temporary replacements and training.

Speed up turn-around time at your loading dock with a Caljan telescopic unloading conveyor – activate the movie to see how this unloading conveyor improves the process.

With a reversible belt, the unloading conveyor can be used to load as well! Interested in hearing more?

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