Print, Pack & Post; Caljan Paves the Way for Savings

Companies involved in E-commerce have been totally bowled over by the impressive Print & Merge capabilities that Caljan Rite-Hite presented at LogiMAT 2015 this week. The unique Caljan solution saves time and labour, as relevant documents are printed and merged with each specific shipment in-line.

Cover letters and shipping documents, all specific to each order, are printed individually as required and placed directly on the conveyor belt as part of the in-line order handling process. Pre-printed leaflets & special offers can also be dispensed and handled automatically. All items ordered by the customer; clothing, CD’s, books etc., are typically stacked in a loose pile on a separate conveyor. Caljan Print & Merge solutions are able to combine the pile of goods with the printed materials in a single process. The complete consignment is then wrapped in plastic or packed in a box and an address label with appropriate data is applied.

Caljan Print & Merge solutions allow you to handle this process automatically and in-line which significantly reduces the labour costs inherent in manual handling. Savings are particularly high when the consignment is wrapped with plastic film. You are also able to provide your customers with relevant promotional material, creating a window of opportunity for additional sales.

This revolutionary method of handling documents and items ordered by customers has been developed and patented by Caljan Rite-Hite.
Available for installation now

To learn about Print & Merge solutions, please call Thomas Heydolph on tel. +49 5204 924 90 19.

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