Retaining e-commerce customers in Nordic countries

The volume of consumers in the Nordic region who purchase online is steadily growing. Studies carried out by Postnord reveal that the main driver is convenience. Although most Scandinavians shop nationally, they are becoming increasingly responsive to retailers offering international shipment. In 2013 Nordic residents shopped for SEK 19 billion from foreign sites – a sharp rise on the previous year.

A report prepared for the European Commission reveals that the volume of consumers who shop online is rapidly increasing and figures are expected to double by 2020. Additionally, consumers expect shorter delivery times. A third consideration is the trend of ordering an item in several sizes or colours, with the intention of returning the unwanted items.

To successfully compete with this cross-border influx, retailers in Nordic countries must think speed and versatility into their automated systems. Caljan labelling systems are tailored to suit your specific needs – click on the button below to request advice.

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