Increase Sales with Caljan’s In-line Print & Merge Concept

On-line shoppers click enthusiastically when encouraged to view items that may be of relevance, based on their recent purchase. This concept can generate more sales when used in despatching too. Pre-printed brochures, that relate to the purchase profile, can be merged with the item bought in a swift, automated in-line process.

Print, merge & label – all at high speed

As each consignment is identified, the appropriate delivery notes, invoice and return slips are printed. These are placed on a conveyor belt and combined with the relevant brochures. The Caljan Merge unit feeds the paperwork up under the items to be shipped; matching the paperwork with the order content and perfectly positioning the documents beneath the ordered items.

The complete consignment then moves into the packaging system. A freight-carrier-specific shipping label is accurately applied and the consignment is ready to send to your customer… who minutes after receiving it can begin clicking the next order.

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