The Market’s safest Telescopic Conveyor is still going strong

In 2004, Caljan introduced the BeltTrack model, which replaced the former Long John conveyors. Patented safety features and optimization were keywords of the new product line, which the current Classic and Performer series build on.

»Safety has always been the hallmark of Caljan machines. Since the first Long Johns where marketed, of which a substantial part is still running reliably, we have set the standard for safety and reliability. In 2001, however, we became much more offensive and started to actively influence our customers to ask for safety features. The reason why was that Caljan had become part of the American Rite-Hite-group, which has a long-standing tradition for promoting safety,« says Vice President for Development, Kristen Laurbak.

With the launch of the Caljan BeltTrack-series many new features saw daylight such as the market’s first joystick for telescopic conveyors and a fully closed underside of the machine for safety reasons. Add to this, the new machines could carry much higher loads.

Why this high Focus on Safety?

»Through collaboration with our customers we gained deep insight into the risks of working in the loading/unloading area. Accidents at work and work-related ill health was more the rule than the exception. The associated costs – in terms of pain and suffering as well as financially – were tangible. EU-statistics confirmed our customers’ experiences,« says Kristen Laurbak and continues:
»We started using the dismal EU figures in our marketing, and soon conveyors with a fully closed underside became an absolute demand in customers’ tender documents. We were the only supplier offering this feature, and this resulted in many orders. Since then, we have installed more than 4,000 Caljan BeltTracks.«

Socio-economic Consequences

According to current EU research, the average cost of a work accident or work-related health problems are difficult to calculate, as many factors must be considered. However, it is a fact that work-related health problems not only inflict suffering and grief on the affected employees and their families, combined with loss of income and medical expenses; they also cost the companies loss of competitiveness and brand equity, and they impose economic burdens on society.

Musculoskeletal Disorder and Sickness Absenteeism

Musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) is a significant reason why employees have longer sickness absenteeism. The term MSD denotes health problems of muscles, tendons, the skeleton, cartilage, ligaments and nerves. Musculoskeletal disorders include all forms of ill-health, ranging from light, transitory disorders to irreversible, disabling injuries.

Five factors increase the risk of musculoskeletal disorders:

    • Lifting, pushing or pulling of heavy burdens
    • Work with bended or twisted back or neck
    • Work with lifted arms
    • Monotonous and repeated, strength-demanding moves
    • Full-body vibrations

It has not been possible to document the lower limits for the onset of musculoskeletal disorder caused by the above risk factors; e.g. how heavy can the burdens be before they cause back pain. This is partly due to the fact that people are born with different physical capabilities, just as their life conditions can vary to a great extent; e.g. the quality and quantities of food.

»It’s a general trend in today’s labour market that we must work longer before retirement. As a consequence, there has to be room for everyone. Caljan equipment, combined with control of physical demands, help ensure an ergonomic and safer work environment for all types of employees,« says Kristen Laurbak.

Proven Technology and advanced Performance

Today, Caljan markets two series of telescopic belt conveyors: Classic and Performer. Classic is the standard model, which is available in numerous sizes, equipped with a variety of functions. The Perfomer, which was introduced in 2012, builds on the Classic model with a higher level of functions and thus ergonomic advantages as well as possibilities of adding features later on.

Best Practice

Innovations within safety and ergonomics are the hallmark of Caljan’s products. We strive dedicatedly to be at the forefront of customers’ and regulatory demands and set the market standard within intralogistic solutions.

»All our products are developed in collaboration with our customers. Together, we identify risks and improvement opportunities, which means that risk assessment is an integral part of all product development projects. This way, we ensure Best Practice and that we continue to be customers’ preferred partner,« says Kristen Laurbak.

Caljan solutions, which are produced at our plants in Denmark, Germany, Latvia, and China, are custom-built to suit the specific challenge; express parcel carriers and distribution companies that wish to optimize the loading/unloading process and improve employees’ work environment significantly.


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