Caljan makes learning about loose-loaded logistics easier

The Caljan website has been created specifically for people working within logistics, who want to improve their goods in/out processes. Every time you interact with someone representing our business, we want your experience to be straight-forward and positive – this applies particularly when Caljan communicates with you.

As the volume of containers moving between east and west increases, distribution companies and warehouse facilities have to handle both palletised and loose-loaded cargo. Often the challenge is to meet new needs within the existing framework of the business. Since 1946 Caljan has acquired in-depth knowledge on how goods are handled, particularly within loose-loaded logistics. At newcomers to logistics can learn about handling loose-loaded cargoes, sometimes referred to as unit loads or simply loose-loaded logistics. You will find many relevant topics, including dual purpose loading bays, improving productivity in the loading area and thinking safety into your process. For those that know Caljan and what we stand for, there is naturally a section describing our comprehensive range of telescopic conveyors, weight & volume measuring equipment and labelling systems.

Caljan is a global provider

With development, engineering and manufacturing in many parts of the world and a global sales & service organisation, we can quickly be on hand, not just with products, but with advice about planning right through to installing and after sales & service. If you are ready to take the first step and need our support to ensure a consistent level of safety and equipment across your network and facilities, find your local contact on

A dependable name in loose-loaded logistics

At Caljan we periodically review our brand to make sure that all areas of our business are aligned with how we want customers and potential customers to experience their interactions with us. Our latest audit revealed that the logistics industry reached out to Caljan rather than Caljan Rite-Hite. The name Caljan was steadfastly associated with equipment used to empty and load containers with loose-loaded cargoes.

When Caljan became part of the Rite-Hite group in 2001, the company changed it’s name to Caljan Rite-Hite. Loyal customers continued to think of us as Caljan, as did many of our employees. Our brand review showed that for many people in logistics the name Caljan was synonymous with telescopic conveyors – even if those installed were not produced by us.

It was vital for us to accept the strength of the Caljan brand, hence the website.

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