Improve Productivity in Logistics

Transport costs are increasing, the workforce is becoming older and customers are pressing for shorter delivery times. It’s not easy to maintain or increase productivity in logistics without investing in equipment and manpower.

Effective equipment

To get the best possible return on your investment, you must have a balance between availability and rate of use. You should be able to cope with surges in demand, without investing in equipment that stands idle in your facility. A good way forward is to make sure your equipment is flexible, so that it can serve multiple needs. Check to see if it can be upgraded so it continues to suit your business requirements as they change.

Make sure equipment is able to work efficiently when you need it by maintaining on a regular basis.

Efficient employees

Involving employees in developing work processes often results in higher efficiency, as empowered employees are motivated and engaged.

Working smarter not harder can be achieved by providing equipment to alleviate the strain of physically demanding tasks. In addition to improving productivity, by allowing capacity to be maintained over a longer period – the right equipment safeguards employee welfare.

Telescopic belt conveyors cut unloading time in half

The Caljan telescopic conveyor concept is very simple. Instead of your team taking up to 4 hours to unload a container, one operator can do the job in just two hours. Productivity is increased two-fold.

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Improve productivity in logistics

Installed close to the door in your dock area, the cantilevered construction extends from the building to reach inside the vehicle. As the conveyor hovers above floor level, it can be installed at a dock with a leveller adding flexibility to your operation. The conveyor transports items along its length to the next conveyor in your system. Alternatively, the cargo can be off-loaded and palletised.

As the conveyor does much of the work, your employees can remain fresh, performing optimally throughout the shift. When not in use the conveyor stores as a compact unit.

Finding the best solution for loading and unloading loose-loaded goods is not just a question of products, it’s a matter of trust.