Using Telescopic Conveyors at dual purpose loading docks

Caljan Telescopics dual purpose loading bays

Are your loading docks as flexible as you need them to be?

Becoming more flexible is often the solution to optmizing capacity. Are your loading docks built for the dual purpose of handling loose-loaded unit items as well as palletized or caged goods?

Don’t resort to palletizing loose-loaded goods manually, so you can move them traditionally. This labour intensive routine slows the logistics process down considerably. Instead it makes much more sense to upgrade the loading dock, so all types of cargo can be handled cost-effectively.

If your loading dock can handle all cargo types systematically, you can despatch boxes rather than partially loaded pallets. The same loading dock can be used for store replenishment, pallet distribution & unloading containers from overseas.

Upgrading your loading dock isn’t expensive or time consuming, nor does it require that routines be drastically changed.

Same loading dock for pallets, cages & loose-loaded goods

The presence of a leveller at the loading dock does not affect the possibility of installing a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor. Both Caljan Classic and Caljan Performer can be installed behind the loading dock leveller and still reach to the very back of a 40 ft conveyor.

When loading docks are used for dual purposes, we recommend using a mobile Telescopic belt Conveyor. This can be moved away from the loading dock when not in use. A mobile Telescopic belt Conveyor functions in exactly the same way as a stationary Telescopic Conveyor.

If goods need to be palletized for storage, taking them out of the container first by means of a Telescopic Conveyor provides a better work environment for your employees.

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