Handling loose cargo incl stuffing and destuffing containers


Stuffing and destuffing containers with loose-loaded cargo

Cargo that isn’t palletized is often called ‘loose’ cargo or ‘loose-loaded‘ cargo. Loose-loaded cargo is typically transported in containers, between continents on ships, and around countries on vehicles. Packing the cargo into a container is called stuffing. Emptying the parcels out of the container at the destination is called destuffing, sometimes written with a hyphen; de-stuffing. Stuffing and destuffing is a complex process. Parcels of different weights and sizes are arranged, often by a planning program, to ensure the container is filled to maximum capacity and that it is safe to handle and transport.

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Can the task of stuffing and destuffing be made easier?

Stuffing and destuffing loose parcels is so much easier for personnel, if appropriate equipment is provided. Lifting is reduced when Telescopic Conveyors are used to transport parcels from the sorting or picking station to the appropriate container. The parcels are then loaded in the appropriate order. Although stuffing the container to capacity demands a degree of planning, emptying the container or destuffing the contents is often a simpler process. Parcels with various dimensions can be tightly packed and difficult to grasp. Using vacuum to draw the parcel out can be helpful. The person destuffing the container can be raised on a platform attached to the Telescopic Conveyor, so he can reach parcels at height. Articulating conveyors can be used so that the belt is brought to the box, making destuffing both quick and easy.

How can the stuffing and destuffing process be optmized?

It may be possible to optimize your stuffing and destuffing process. Outlining the complete journey of the parcels is a good way to optimize each portion of the chain. If parcel ID is required, perhaps scanning barcode labels can be incorporated in the stuffing and destuffing process. The weight of the parcels, used to determine the stuffing sequence, may also be useful when destuffing the container as a means of validating parcel content. Often there is a sense of urgency when destuffing, particularly if the items are destined for the retail industry. Using equipment that is able to reach all parts of the container will make both stuffing and destuffing more effective. Mobilizing the Telescopic Conveyors gives increased flexibility as stuffing and destuffing containers can take place at multiple doors.