Stock Telescopic Conveyor Spares and don’t get caught short

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Telescopic Conveyor Spares; Part of your Initial Purchase

Not only are the Telescopic Conveyor spares themselves cheaper, they often add so little weight to the shipment that transporting the Telescopic conveyor spares is free. The biggest saving however, is reduced down-time when the parts are needed.

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Be prepared; Telescopic Conveyor Spares for Maintenance

A preventive maintenance package of telescopic conveyor spares comprises everything the service technician requires for maintaining the equipment in accordance with the maintenance schedule. Implementing a scheduled maintenance programme, means that the equipment is stopped when convenient to your operation and disruption is reduced to a minimum. The equipment continues to perform at its best and the lifetime may even be extended.

Stock Critical Telescopic Conveyor Spares to reduce Down-time

Having telescopic conveyor spares available in the right place at the right time is an essential aspect of our service delivery. Our logistics processes and telescopic conveyor spares solutions are designed to ensure parts are available, globally, when required, to keep down time and disruption to a minimum.

Our engineers carry many critical telescopic conveyor spares in their vehicles, and can effect a first time fix in most cases.

However, there are occasions where additional telescopic conveyor spares may be needed. As such we also offer comprehensive kits of critical telescopic conveyor spares, vital for sites which require an immediate replacement, especially where equipment is operating at full capacity.

What is an Emergency Package of Telescopic Conveyor spares?

Critical parts are typically items with a single point of failure or a long lead time. To avoid unnecessary expense, critical telescopic conveyor spares are kept to a minimum and supplied as a package. An emergency package for each type of product has been defined by Caljan based on years of experience.