Applications for Automatic Labelling Systems


Whether you need to identify goods entering your facility, label items accurately so you can manage your warehouse, or address parcels as part of your despatch process — Caljan Automatic Labelling Systems give you accuracy — at speed.

Automatic Labelling systems engineered for varied applications

Using open architecture, Caljan Automatic Labelling Systems are developed around standard components. This modular concept means our Automatic Labelling Systems can be small or large, simple or complex. Without superfluous functionality, Caljan Labelling Systems are profitable with low lifetime costs.

Applications for Automatic Labelling include

  • labels to identify goods entering the warehouse management system
  • address labels for items being despatched in e-commerce
  • labels applied to hanging garments as they flow beneath an overhead conveyor
  • labels used as part of an intralogistics process, e.g. in the pharmaceutical industry
  • labels used to identify pallet content – and of course the pallets themselves
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