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Improve performance by reducing the time it takes to turn-around vehicles at your dock

Take the tiresome out of unloading

Using a Caljan Performer Telescopic Conveyor, a 3-man team is able to unload 600 tires, each weighing 25lbs (9 kg), from a 45ft curtain-side trailer in just 80 minutes. Handling this physically-demanding task quickly and ergonomically means the facility can attract and keep employees and actually cut costs. Get the details here. Unload tires rapidly and easily with a Caljan Performer Additionally, the Caljan Performer fitted with a Platform enables the Operator to reach the very top of the container or truck with little effort. Space inside the trailer is utilized effectively, giving savings in transportation costs. In tests, 24% more cargo could be moved for the same cost. Reach the very top of a trailer with a Caljan Performer

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