Handle shipping documents automatically — see how @ Fachpack

Experience Print & Pouch first-hand at Caljan’s Fachpack booth

At this year’s Fachpack show you will have an opportunity to investigate how documents are automatically printed, folded, placed in a document pouch and perfectly positioned in just 6 seconds.

Visit 4-534 in Hall 4 at Fachpack to see the automated Print & Pouch process in action.

The demonstration unit at Fachpack applies the pouch to the top of the box. Pouches can be placed vertically on the side, if required. Pouches can even be applied to packages stacked on a pallet.

Fachpack 2018

Your take-away from visiting the Caljan booth at Fachpack

Your company can cut costs and increase throughput by handling documentation automatically. Satisfied customers report that the ROI is 18 months or less. Whether your application calls for documents inside a box/tote, on top of a package or even underneath a stack of polybags, we’ve got you covered. Discuss your challenge with a document handling specialist on stand 4-534 at the Fachpack show.

There is so much to see at Fachpack, how can I prioritize?

Get the most out of your showtime. What specifically does your company need in order to meet the challenges of the future? What role does Fachpack play in your development process? Follow our guidelines to make the Fachpack show a personal success.

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