Are there guidelines for cleaning a telescopic conveyor?

A telescopic conveyor should be cleaned to prevent debris from collecting
Designed for use in the loading/unloading zone, Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are extremely robust. To get maximum lifetime and high performance day after day, we recommend that you follow the guidelines below for cleaning a telescopic conveyor.

Removing accumulated waste and wiping down surfaces at regular intervals is an important part of the maintenance procedure. Equipment that is cared for will perform at its best throughout its lifetime – and may even last longer.

Cleaning frequency

No equipment works at its best when it is choked with dirt. Surfaces should be wiped and debris/dust removed every 160 hours of operation. If the telescopic conveyor handles fibrous packaging, such as sacks or cardboard boxes, you may need to clean it more often. Small particles can accumulate very rapidly beneath the rollers and in the base of the extendible sections.

If the area in which the telescopic conveyor is installed is cleaned at monthly intervals, the conveyor will be less prone to particles of packaging, dust, hair skin cells etc. accumulating inside.


Remove any peripherals from around the conveyor, so that you can access service hatches and the front section.

You will need a soft, dry cloth and brush. You may find it useful to keep a long-handled paintbrush or long cotton swabs in your tool box, so that you can brush away dust from tight areas that are difficult to reach. If you have access to a vacuum cleaner, this is ideal to remove dust. Compressed air is not suitable for cleaning a telescopic conveyor.

We recommend that you wear gloves.

Safety precautions

Follow directions in the Service and Maintenance section of the Operator’s manual. Do not remove any components or any of the service hatches whilst the telescopic conveyor is in operation. Switch the conveyor off at the mains and secure with a safety padlock.

Remember to prevent telescopic movement and elevation before working inside the conveyor.

Cleaning process

Remove the rollers from the operator area in the front section. Lift out tape, string, paper and other debris from underneath the rollers and brush dust, insects etc. away from the pulleys. Wipe the area below the rollers with a soft, dry cloth.

Use a brush to clean the telescopic support wheels and guide tracks.

Take the opportunity to check that cables are held securely in place and that none are frayed or chaffed. Check the energy and drive chains, making sure that there are no breaks, chinks or other damage.

Wipe down services hatches if these are perforated, so that air can circulate. Use a soft, dry cloth.
Avoid breathing in the particles that have accumulated, as these may irritate your airway causing you to cough.

Finishing up

Remove any tools used. Return components to their rightful places and secure service hatches (if applicable) before switching the power on.

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