Can any telescopic conveyor lift the operator?

All conveyor sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Performer range can be engineered to include an operator platform – capable of lifting one or two persons. Thanks to the unique multi-connector an existing Caljan BeltTrack Performer Telescopic Conveyor can be upgraded to that it can lift the operator to an appropriate working height.

An operator platform can be fitted to Caljan BeltTrack Classic types CB4X 7.6.

Typically when loading a trailer the operator is unable to reach the very top, which means the last 50 cm across the breadth and length of the trailer is completely empty. The carrier is simply moving air. With the new Caljan Operator Platform, fitted to a Caljan Telescopic Conveyor, you can fill the trailer completely up. No wasted space – which gives a significant saving in freight costs. Read the whole article here.

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