SLAM Line ensures accurate and effective labelling at Zalando

Maik Burkart
Technical Manager, Material Flow

“If a single applicator is out, we use the second one. This means we can change label rolls without stopping the operation. We know everyone on the Caljan team and we get excellent support whenever we need it.”

Two applicators, working in tandem, increase parcel handling capacity at Zalando

Online retailer Zalando SE despatches thousands of items a day from their fulfillment centre in Lahr, Germany. Zalando customers are welcome to order multiple colours or sizes, taking up to 100 days to consider their purchases in the comfort of their home. Fast delivery of the ordered items is paramount for customer satisfaction.

To secure proper and speedy delivery, efficient labelling is essential. Regardless of what freight carrier is used or what size and weight the package has, labels are applied accurately and legible in the SLAM Line. Having two applicators placed one after the other accelerates the labelling process and increases capacity.

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