Unloading containers using a mobilized Telescopic Conveyor at Jysk

Bjarne Mikkelsen
Section Manager, Goods In

We cover 6 doors with 2 Caljan BeltTrack fitted with Vaculex ParceLift. The conveyors are fitted on rails embedded in the concrete floor so that we can move them to the relevant door, just by pressing a button. We are quite satisfied with the solution we have chosen.

Jysk – one of Europe’s leading retailers of articles for the bedroom, bathroom, living room and patio – use Caljan BeltTrack telescopic conveyors to unload boxes of various sizes and weights from containers.

Each conveyor is fitted with a lifting aid and installed on rails embedded into the floor, so that it can traverse across multiple loading bays. Typically a three man team is used to unload the goods. One moves the loose-loaded cargo onto the conveyor and two sort the goods, placing them on pallets for storage.

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