Delivery notes are handled automatically at Wehkamp

Jan Fennema, Wehkamp
Jan Fennema
Packaging Manager

It is critical that the right papers are sent. The delivery note must match 100% with the customer’s items. Caljan Print & Merge meets this requirement. Cutting handling time naturally means we can increase capacity.





Handling time is cut dramatically at Wehkamp, thanks to optimized picking and automated packaging process

Delivering on customer expectations has always been paramount for Wehkamp. More than 200,000 customers shop daily at their on-line store. Orders for multiple items are despatched as a single shipment from the Wehkamp distribution centre at Zwolle, Netherlands.

Using polybags, rather than boxes, to despach customer orders, means postage costs can be kept to a minimum. Merging the delivery note, and other despatch papers, automatically with the items to be despatched means that the process becomes quicker — which in turn means capacity can increase.

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