Caljan’s new Side Guides prevent expensive Phenomenon: Flying Parcels

Every day, thousands of parcels are unloaded from trucks and containers at international express parcel carrier hubs and loaded into vans to be transported to recipients. Telescopic roller loaders are often the link between a large parcel sorting system and the vans. Now hubs in Europe using Caljan’s telescopic roller conveyors can prevent parcels from falling off the conveyor by fitting integrated side guides.

Flowing freely downhill

The work pace is high in loading bays, where operators often work at multiple doors. While parcels automatically scoot down one empty roller loader, the operator works at another moving parcels from the loaded telescopic into a van. Typically, when the length of the roller loader has been filled up, the last parcel activates a photocell as it moves onto the loader. A lamp starts blinking. Now, the operator knows that there is no more room for parcels on that loader so he must begin the loading process at that door.

Freewheeling out of control

In an ideal world everything would run smoothly as the operator moves from door to door. However, when the parcels buffering up on the loader have different sizes and weights they can freewheel out of control. If a big, heavy parcel doesn’t arrive dead centre, it’s very size and weight may cause it to nudge preceding parcels over the edge of the loader. Particularly smaller parcels cannot withstand the pressure from behind, so they plunge down and hit the floor. This phenomenon has been known in the express parcel business for many years.

Caljan side guides prevent parcels from falling of the roller loader

Costs surge upwards

Parcels are not the only item flying high. The cost per handled parcel increases as claims are made for damaged goods and labor costs increase as operators spend time and energy picking parcels up from the floor.

Caljan keeps it simple – and mechanical

Caljan side guides have been developed according to the keep-it-simple principle. Designed for the busy environment in which they do their job, the mechanical side guides are fully integrated onto the loader’s telescopic sections. Reaching along the length of the loader they prevent parcels from falling off.

When the telescopic loader sections are retracted – either after work or if the loader serves more doors – the side guides come along with them. No fancy solutions – just efficient Caljan engineering.

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