Caljan lead the way to better economy & work environment

Minimising cost is a critical factor for logistic operations

Cost per handled package is a key metric today. Keenly aware that investments must last a long time and the cost of operation should be minimal, Caljan has developed a new telescopic conveyor. Additionally this conveyor safeguards the work environment.

— A cantilevered structure, such as that in a telescopic conveyor, is subject to severe stress. We use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to test the strength and elasticity of our telescopic conveyors. Moving up to 100 kg per meter, they are extremely strong and seriously built to last. We are so confident in the quality of our product; we give a 5 year structural warranty explains Spencer Roberts, Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Flexibility to upgrade easily and cost effectively in the future is a critical feature in the design of any conveyor today. With this in mind, Caljan has incorporated a unique Universal Connector, allowing easy retrofit of any function to any size. Whether adding additional lighting, a height adjustable Operator Platform or ventilation, each addition is quick and simple.

The new range starts with a small footprint at just 3.3 metres and a total conveyor length of 28.7 metres, matching all trailer sizes. Additionally, most parts are common to all sizes and are changed almost as ‘plug & play’, all helping to keep operational cost down.

To help reduce cost even further, all motors are drum motors using ‘soft’ start technology, reducing energy consumption by around 15%, compared to previous models. Although extremely bright, with a minimum lux of 300 in the work area, the new lighting is low-energy, long-life technology from Philips. Automatic lighting and belt stop functionality all add to the Green credentials of the new range.

Easy, safe and ergonomic to use

Caljan telescopic conveyors are renowned for their safety. The new model builds on existing features, such as full under-guarding, to add another level of safety in what is a dangerous environment. Operator comfort is a key factor in retaining staff and executing the loading and unloading process efficiently and safely.

— In addition to the new lighting, the unprecedented ergonomic design, two-way anti-collision bumper and more intuitive operator controls provide the safest operator environment we have ever seen in the back of a trailer. The conveyor is extremely comfortable and easy to use, comments Spencer Roberts.

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