The Caljan Story

The Caljan story began in Aarhus, Denmark in 1963 with two comrades in arms; Svend Jansen and Kaj Calundan. Svend was an electrical engineer and Kaj had a commercial background. They were fascinated with conveyors and before long they had a prospective customer interested in their design for an overhead conveyor. Continual growth and product development has resulted in a global company that is acknowledged as the market leader by professionals working within logistics.

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Our mission is to improve industrial safety, security and productivity worldwide through quality and innovation.

Pallet loads are labelled at appropriate heights
Caljan CurveTrack
Productivity unloading telescopic conveyor
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Caljan Nike conveyor
Caljan company production office in Denmark
Caljan conveyor electricity production
Caljan Rite-Hite global wheel lock
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Caljan old company production
Caljan old building
Caljan groundsupport
Caljan old roller conveyor
Caljan building
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Decade after decade


Caljan Rite-Hite Inc celebrates 25 years in the USA. From the regional HQ in Milwaukee, the company continues to support express parcel carriers, retailers and other companies for whom logistics is a key part of their business.


Subsequent to the introduction of the Caljan BeltTrack Performer range, we can celebrate our 50 year jubilee with a telescopic conveyor offering that provides a level of choice that is totally unprecedented.


In order to offer 24/7/365 service in the UK, with just a 2-hour response time, Caljan acquires AMH Services Ltd and the office relocates to Milton Keynes.


Manufacturing facilities are established in Kunshan, China. With manufacturing in all corners of the globe we are now able to provide shorter delivery times to our international customers.

Caljan moves from being a trusted global brand to become an attractive place of work on a global level too.


To complement our range of telescopic conveyors, Caljan acquires LogComp; a German company specialising in powered curve conveyors and labelling equipment.


As the company steadily continues to grow, yet another manufacturing plant is established - this time in Latvia.


Caljan merges with Rite-Hite's European division in the Netherlands to become Caljan Rite-Hite. Headquarters are established at Caljan's premises in Denmark. Sales offices are located in Denmark, Netherlands, France, UK, US and Germany, whilst production of telescopic conveyors continues in Denmark.


Caljan becomes part of the Rite-Hite Corporation, which was founded in 1965 by Arthur K. White. Rite-Hite are respected world-wide for their loading dock equipment, industrial doors, safety barriers and high-volume, low-speed industrial fans – all designed to improve safety, productivity, and energy consumption.


To meet customer requests, Caljan extends the conveyor offering to include ground support equipment for airports. Although this line is subsequently discontinued, baggage loading conveyors bearing the Caljan name can still be seen in airports today.

Part of the company is sold to two venture capital investment companies during this period to finance expansion plans. Subsequently the overhead conveyor range is sold off.


Caljan is awarded an exceptionally large order by the German Bundespost. This order paves the way for a number of changes as Caljan adapts to life in the fast track. Products become modular, providing flexibility as the demand for bespoke conveyors increases.

Caljan has become preferred supplier in the field of telescopic conveyors.


The Caljan story becomes trans-continental as we establish sales and subsequently manufacturing in Colorado, USA.


Caljan continues to expand in Europe. A significant milestone is establishing a German subsidiary to tend the needs of loyal customers, many of whom are still with us today.


Around this time the company name is contracted and Caljan becomes a notable brand in the conveyor industry.


It becomes evident that unloading and loading are bottle necks in the sortation process for our customers, so Svend and Kaj begin researching and the first telescopic conveyor is developed.


The Caljan story becomes international as the company does business with customers in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, the Benelux and the UK.


Calundan and Jansen Engineer Company and Machine Factory is established in a suburb to Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. Conveyors are developed and produced to order.