Increasing productivity at TNT


Christine Bandaranayake
Industrial Engineering

»One of my responsibilities is to optimise processes and the flow of parcels in sorting hubs throughout France.

We have opted for Caljan ParcelTrack in several installations with good results. The Caljan ParcelTrack line has proved itself to be more than capable of the task. We have tested it at a through-put of 1,200 parcels per hour and the auto-scan function has proved to be better than 96%.«

Using Caljan weight and volume measuring equipment, TNT Express can handle up to 1,200 parcels per hour

Parcels are collected at depots throughout France and transported in small vehicles to centralised hubs for sortation and distribution.

Previous to purchasing the Caljan weight and volume measuring equipment, each parcel was identified and weighed in a non-dynamic process. This process was capable of handling just 600 parcels per hour.

Unfortunately, the barcode scanner missed about 17% of the parcels, so these had to be scanned manually – further slowing down the process.

Caljan Rite-Hite suggested a line incorporating Caljan ParcelTrack. Legal for trade, ParcelTrack is able to register and weigh parcels of all shapes.

Considering the need for accurate barcode reading and higher capacity and their experience with Caljan solutions to date, TNT opted for the Caljan proposal.

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