Weight and Volume Measuring Equipment

Caljan volume equipment
Automatic Weighing, measuring and recording a parcel
Caljan ParcelTrack
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Capturing parcel data often proves to be a bottle-neck in a parcel in-feed line. Caljan Weight and Volume Measuring Equipment enables the system to move ahead at the appropriate speed, weighing, measuring and registering each parcel as it passes beneath the tower.

The two automatic units register the required data of up to 2,500 parcels hourly. These can be used in domestic terminals and terminals handling international traffic. The modular design means that a unit can be customized to suit your exact requirements.

All measuring parts are approved in accordance with OIML, giving you a firm legal foundation. Stored data can be used in connection with track-and-trace, invoicing and statistics, preventing loss of revenue due to incorrect registration at another point in the distribution system.

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