Tagging Solutions

Caljan labelling

Custom tagging systems based on standard components

The modular design of our Tagging systems enables us to put together the perfect combination of applicator and print module to suit your application. Typically, a system comprises an applicator, a labelling device - usually suspended in a framework - a print module, a printer and intelligence. Your system is fully tested before installation and fully integrated into your existing conveyor line on site.

Having worked with conveyors and tagging for more than 50 years, our expertise makes the difference between a system that works - and a system that improves the flow of goods through your facility.

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Your expectations

Meeting or exceeding your expectations is a crucial part of the system. Our objective is to provide at least the following:

  • Solid construction that includes protective measures
  • Management technology of a high standard
  • High availability and high performance
  • Long replacement intervals for supplies
  • Long service life of components and equipment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extremely low operating costs

Additional requirements are naturally included in the specification when requested.