Document Handling

Save Time by Incorporating Document Handling into the Automatic Process

Putting the appropriate documents into the correct box or tote is often a manual process for mail order houses and other enterprises that use pick lists and need to send delivery notes, invoices, payment documents, custom documents etc. with items being despatched to individual customers. Caljan's document handling series enables this process to become fully automated.

Print & Place

Optimize flexibility and avoid handling mistakes; relevant documents, e.g. pick lists, delivery note, invoice, are printed and deposited automatically into the correct parcel as it speeds along the conveyor line. -> Read more

Print Fold & Place

Use self-adhesive labels instead of documents and make picking and pricing easier to handle. Labels are printed, zig-zag folded and placed in the appropriate tote or box as part of your in-line process. -> Read more

Automated Document Pouch

Speed up your despatch process with Automated Document Pouch. Relevant papers are printed, folded, placed in the document pouch and applied to the parcel as it flows along the conveyor - all as part of the in-line process. -> Read more

Typically, the print series utilises special variants of laser printers. The resulting high performance allows perfect integration into automatic process. Not only is this more convenient & more accurate - it saves time.

Print & Merge

Bring additional items to the attention of your cusotmers by despatching promotional materials with their order. The item travelling along the conveyor belt is identified and relevant documents are merged from below. -> Read more

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