Verify Shipping and Billing Values

Caljan automatic weighing, measuring and recording a parcel

The two most significant parameters in relation to the flow of goods in and out are cost & delivery time. As global competition becomes more intense retailers, and parcel distributors must reduce operational costs; data must be collected, verified, processed and managed without delaying the process or making it more costly.

Verify shipping values

The contents are checked against the order and the appropriate delivery note is printed and placed in the tote. Further along the line the order is packed and the carrier specific label applied. Automating this process ensures your shipments are managed accurately, in-line – at speed.

Verify billing values

Public transport companies protect their revenue by employing ticket inspectors who check that all passengers have paid. In much the same way, express parcel carriers are beginning to take all parameters into account when billing their customers. Checking the weight and volume of each parcel as it passes through the sortation process means that billing values can be verified.

Verify deliveries

A quick count of the boxes in the container and the invoice is paid. Only if you have experienced short deliveries do you spend time opening the box to check the quantity contained in each. If you open just one box, check the contents and weigh the box, all other boxes in the shipment can be weighed against that single test box. Verifying your deliveries means that you pay only for the goods you have received.

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