Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Telescopic Belt Conveyors improve turn-around times

As e-commerce volumes increase, you may find yourself trying to handle a larger capacity through the same facilities. Additionally, more consumers opt for priority overnight delivery. Both factors put pressure on you to optimize the parcel handling process. Installing Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors at your doors will help you speed up loading & unloading. All Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors can move any load the operator can lift.

Reduce cost per parcel

Boasting a 5-year structural warranty, Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors are built to last. They're future-proof too! The universal multi-connector means Caljan Performer can be upgraded or modified on site, to meet the needs of your business as they develop. Get more out of your investment; mobilize the Telescopic Belt Conveyor so it can be used at multiple doors. Once the vehicle is loaded/unloaded, the conveyor can glide along rails to the next door.

Two Telescopic Belt Conveyor models match your exact requirements

Caljan Rite-Hite offers unmatched flexibility; a choice of two telescopic belt conveyor models, Caljan Classic & Caljan Performer, in a wide range of sizes. Numerous optional Functions means each unit can be customized to fit your precise requirements.

From transit van to 45' trailer

The working height can be adjusted, so the same Telescopic Belt Conveyor can be used to load/unload both trailers and vans. The impressive extendibility means the operator can work comfortably, even at the back of the longest vehicle.

Attract/retain employees

Working inside trucks and trailers doesn’t need to be dark and uncomfortable. Caljan Telescopic Belt Conveyors feature incredible front lighting. Caljan Performer illuminates the floor too. It is even possible to heat the work area or circulate air. When trailers are packed to the brim platforms, lifting aids or articulating belt conveyors make loading/unloading both easier and quicker.