Unloading loose-loaded cargo effectively

To optimize efficiency, you may want to consider whether it is possible to register parcels as they are unloaded from the container or truck. It may also be appropriate to apply a label once the item has been identified.

For the supply chain to be robust, it must be innovative. Handling a higher volume of loose-loaded parcels without overloading employees requires

  • An effective loading/unloading process.
  • An optimal work environment.

Caljan Telescopic Conveyors are cost-effective; increasing the speed at which parcels can be unloaded without overtaxing the team working the door. Reducing turn-around time improves productivity as the volume of containers/trucks that can be emptied increases.

Improved efficiency is the easiest way to cut costs. You save on personnel costs too as you can retain trained employees and reduce sick leave.

If you handle palletized goods at the same facility, it may be advantageous to move the Telescopic Conveyor away from the door to make room for fork-lift traffic.