Future-proof your (un)loading process

Operator Platform can be retrofitted (on-site) to Caljan Performer

If you receive parcels, tires or any other type of loose-loaded cargo, you probably recognise the merits of using Telescopic Conveyors to unload vehicles and containers.

You may deploy cross-docking, using a system of conveyors to sort and ship items immediately after receipt. In which case you probably use Telescopic Conveyors in your loading process too.

Incoming items, stored in a warehouse, must at some point be transferred to trucks and smaller vehicles for distribution. This is often a loose-load process too, particularly if your business is retailing, with growing e-commerce.

When establishing, extending or upgrading your material handling system, you analyze data to determine the ROI. You take lifetime expectations into account.

How will your business develop? Can future requirements be easily incorporated into your current process? You don't need to take any risks, just make sure your investment is future-proof. Can equipment be future-proof too? Absolutely! Caljan Performer is a future-proof Telescopic Conveyor.

Future-proof (un)loading

The lifetime of Caljan Telescopic Conveyors is extensive. If used correctly and cared for, your Performer can last for 20 years or more. During that time the needs of your business are going to change.

Upgrade with Utilization Indication, Parcel Counter and Working Hour Counter to manage fluctuations in capacity. Extendable Side Guides would make it easier to handle larger volumes. Perhaps your facility needs to adapt to a changing market, handling goods in and goods out through the same door.

Upgrading your Caljan Performer, with Reversible Belt Direction would be a quick way to resolve this challenge.

The work environment may require extra Lighting. An increase in the volume of curtained trailers may mean Heating becomes a necessity in cooler months and the team would welcome Ventilation at other times of year.

Taller vehicles may hit the streets - or you may want to utilize full trailer capacity - making Operator Platforms essential. Articulating Belt Conveyors may be just the answer if your workforce becomes more diverse.

Learn more about the difference that really does make a difference.

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How does it work?

Caljan Performer - ANY model and ANY size - has a unique, future-proof design that enables upgrades at any point in it's lifetime. A unique multi-connector feature allows for quick and simple retrofit of many Functions on-site. Even a heavy Operator Platform can be retrofitted using the front connector (shown above). Lighting, Heating and similar functions are attached via the side connector - covered by a cap to the right of the emergency stop in the photo below.