In-line Material Handling

In-line materials handling

The term automatic or inline material handling encompasses pretty much all equipment and processes involved in moving goods between vehicles and the warehouse. Equipment is usually installed to speed up a process, reduce manpower requirements or save on cost. Caljan products are more specifically designed to improve productivity & the work environment with painstaking attention to data accuracy.

Material handling at the door

The weakest element of the material handling system is usually the transfer of goods from the vehicle.

If the goods are packed on pallets, once they have been put onto the conveyor the sorting and storage process can be automated. Typical shortcomings are inaccurate and invalid labelling. If you need to apply an internal label, speed and accuracy are keywords.

If you receive loose-loaded goods, without the right equipment emptying the container is both time consuming and physically demanding. Telescopic conveyors alleviate the strain and improve productivity. Verify the quantity of goods received against your order with in-line data capture when unloading.

Material handling in-plant

You may have a fully-automated Warehouse Management System with various conveyors moving goods in and out of your storage facility or you may focus on sorting. In both instances management of goods is based on registering data, typically a bar code or QR code on a label. The accuracy and readability of the label is paramount.


If your business handles orders centrally; transporting goods to each retail outlet or forwarding goods to individual customers, document handling may be the crucial factor. In a truly in-line solution this is incorporated, so that invoices, packing notes etc., are printed on demand and automatically placed in the relevant tote.

As goods are sorted and conveyed to the relevant door, the accumulation function on both belt and roller telescopic conveyors allows them to build up, so that a single operator is able to load multiple vehicles. If goods travel down a chute to reach the vehicle, a roller conveyor - or a roller loader as they are also called - will be the most economical solution.

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