Labelling Totes

The right solution applies the correct label accurately without causing a bottle-neck in your system, click below for more information:

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When a tote is used to move multiple items, soft or flat packages along a conveyor line, it is imperative that the system can identify the tote correctly. Often the plastic or cardboard tote will contain items picked to fill a specific order from a customer. Throughout the system, as items are added, the label on the tote will be verified to prevent mistakes from occurring.

Totes are just part of the system

When we design a labelling line, we gather as many facts as possible about your process, your needs for improvement and any future developments that are being considered, so that we can supply a turn-key solution that delivers precisely what you expect; from when you process your customer's order, place items into the tote, print order documentation and finally pack the order and apply a despatch label to the parcel. Our software people make sure that communication between the labelling device and your conveyor system is accurate and timely, so that your warehouse management system is updated as the tote moves through the system.