Automated Document Handling

Automate Document Handling & Cut Lead times from Order to Shipment

As warehouse management becomes increasingly automated, mail order companies, and other enterprises supplying goods to order, have experienced significant savings. Manual handling has been reduced as tasks related to storing, retrieving, and moving inventory are carried out by computers, robots and conveyors. Although internal paperwork has been reduced, it is still necessary to provide the customer with shipping documents. Few companies are aware that it is possible to print and deposit these as an integral part of the automated process.

With Caljan Document Handling Solutions delivery notes, invoices, return labels etc. can be printed on demand and placed automatically IN or ON the appropriate box – or even placed UNDER the package – as it travels along the conveyor belt.

Automated Document Handling is accurate, timely and quick - perfectly matching customer demands for increasingly shorter lead times from order to shipment.

Caljan Document Handling Solutions increase flexibility

When shipping documents are part of a manual process, they are often pre-printed in large batches hours before the items are packed. The print sequence limits flexibility. When the documents are printed in-line, in-house processes become more efficient - and strategic.

One supplier taking full responsiblity

All Caljan Document Handling Solution are developed to meet your specific requirements. We take care of ALL aspects throughout the project. Your Solution is fully tested at our facility before installation. Onsite, we integrate the Document Handling Solution into your conveyor line. You sign off on the project only when everything is running according to the specification.

We are so confident in our ability to satisfy, that we guarantee throughput on the Caljan Document Handling Solution installed.

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