FAQ - Telescopic Conveyors

How much space do I need for a Caljan telescopic boom conveyor?

When selecting a Caljan telescopic boom conveyor – often called an extendable conveyor – the most important parameter is the length it can extend. It should be long enough to reach into the vehicles that must be loaded/unloaded. If a 53′ trailer is standard for your transport partner, an extension ...read more →

What does the term loose-loaded mean?

‘Loose-loaded’ simply means that goods (parcels, tyres, sacks etc) are stacked individually one on top of the other in a van or truck during transportation – as opposed to palletized, where the goods are placed on a pallet and wrapped in foil. If your business handles loose-loaded cargo, loading and unloading can ...read more →

Can DroopSnoot be fitted on all Conveyor models?

Caljan’s DroopSnoot articulating belt conveyor extension can be fitted to all telescopic conveyors in the Cajan BeltTrack Performer range and most sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Classic range. Moving easily between ceiling and floor, this special conveyor is ideal for moving heavy parcels etc. onto the Telescopic Conveyor. The DroopSnoot ...read more →

Can a telescopic conveyor serve multiple doors?

Yes. All Caljan telescopic conveyors can be mobilised so that they serve multiple doors. There are various ways to do this, depending on the facilities and your capacity requirements. Often the conveyor is fitted on tracks so that it can traverse from door to door. This function means that when one ...read more →

What is the expected lifetime of telescopic conveyors?

The lifetime you can expect of your telescopic conveyors depends on the quality of the equipment you install, the conditions of operation and the care given to the equipment. When used as prescribed, Caljan telescopic conveyors can operate daily for 20 years. The conveyor pictured was installed in 1982 and is still ...read more →

Can a telescopic boom conveyor be used to move pallets?

No. Telescopic boom conveyors are designed specifically to move loose-loaded goods. If your loading bay door is used for dual purposes, i.e. handling a mixture of loose-loaded and palletised goods, we would recommend a mobile telescopic conveyor that can be moved away from the door when handling pallets to provide access for ...read more →

Can any telescopic conveyor lift the operator?

All conveyor sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Performer range can be engineered to include an operator platform – capable of lifting one or two persons. Thanks to the unique multi-connector an existing Caljan BeltTrack Performer Telescopic Conveyor can be upgraded to that it can lift the operator to an appropriate working ...read more →