FAQ - Loading & Unloading

Can any telescopic conveyor lift the operator?

All conveyor sizes in the Caljan BeltTrack Performer range can be engineered to include an operator platform – capable of lifting one or two persons. Thanks to the unique multi-connector an existing Caljan BeltTrack Performer Telescopic Conveyor can be upgraded to that it can lift the operator to an appropriate working ...read more →

Can Caljan equipment be tied into an existing logistics system?

Yes. We are able to design a custom system to handle the loading and/or unloading process, or we can integrate Caljan equipment into an existing logistics system. All Caljan products are intelligent with the capacity to communicate with existing logistics systems. Typically, our system specialists would work together with your technicians ...read more →

Can Caljan take care of conveyor installation?

Yes. Our global service network means you can take advantage of a full service package, including conveyor installation – and indeed installation of all other Caljan equipment. Customer service is an integral part of our business model; we can provide installation, commissioning and even training of your operators. Subsequent to installation, ...read more →

What safety features are on the telescopic conveyors?

All Caljan telescopic conveyors have been designed with safety and ergonomics in mind. Safety features include pop-out rollers that prevent items or fingers from being caught between the belt and the machine, operator controls with a Hold-To-Run effect and guarded emergency stop. Corners are rounded to prevent bruising if impacted ...read more →